10 sport-activities to participate in Tel Aviv

Israel’s mild climate and proximity to the Mediterranean sea make it a haven for outdoor activities. And Tel Aviv, its cultural capital, is the center of it all. The city makes it easy to go out and do something – run, yoga, kayak, play volleyball, climb, hike, and so much more. Tel Aviv, mainly on flat terrain is the best backdrop for being active and fit along with the city municipality itself promoting such activities with organized sports events and meetups.

So, what is there to do in Tel Aviv? How can you go out and keep fit? Where can you find locations that promote physical activities?

Here are a few ideas:

Running along the boardwalk

Tel Aviv’s boardwalk is 14 km long along the beach. In some places, it is right along the main road and in some, it’s along quieter paths and the Tel Aviv marina. Running on it you’ll see fellow runners, cyclists, rollerbladers, and skateboards. If you don’t want to run alone, join one of many running groups to get you motivated. The views on this run are inspiring – the sea, the beach, and the Tel Aviv skyline. 

Yoga in the Jaffa port

Every Friday morning in the Port of Jaffa, you’ll find free yoga classes right on the boardwalk. A combination of the sea, the sun, the air, and the movements guarantee a wonderful workout and an invigorating way to start the weekend. The classes are free and weather permitting. 

Beach Volleyball

Hof Mezizim (Mezizim Beach, by the Sheraton Hotel) is the premier site for amateur volleyball players in Tel Aviv. The wide beach and the almost year-long perfect beach weather is a haven for players and spectators. 


The equivalent to Central Park in New York, Park Hayarkon, is a great location to get physical. One of the highlights of the park is an 18-meter tall climbing wall with 45 meters of climbing options. It’s for all ages and levels. Of course, there is guidance, equipment to rent, and all safety practices are enforced. 

Spinning on top of Azrieli Center 

On top of what recently was the tallest building in Israel, once a year occurs the best spinning event in Israel. Rows and rows of spinning bikes are spread out on the roof of one of the Azrieli buildings welcoming riders of all levels to workshops and classes under the open sky and out in the fresh air with an amazing Tel Aviv view.


The Tel Aviv surf and underwater terrain make the coast an ideal and mild surfing location. With ample surf schools along the beach and easy beach and sea access, you’ll find surfers out in the water from dawn to dusk almost every day of the year, even in winter. Take a few classes and try out this water sport to feel like a true Tel Aviv native.

Tel Aviv has so much to offer when it comes to outdoor, and some indoor, physical activities. As you join one of Israel by Design’s Israel programs for young adults try them out for a short hour, full-day, or your entire stay.