All the best ways to spend your time wisely in israel

You’ve decided you want to come to Israel to experience something different, to grow professionally, to travel the country and maybe even to meet a new culture and new people. Great! Now how exactly should you go about doing this? Where and how do you start planning? Who can help? 

These are all valid questions.  But before you start hyperventilating, let’s take a deep breath and relax. The Israel By Design Program has got you covered. It takes your wishlist of’ ‘What To Do In Israel’ and makes it real. 

How to utilize your time in Israel? Here are a few ideas:


Israel is not a big country but its variety of landscapes is astounding. From desert mountains to one continuous stretch of beach, to coral reefs, and even snow-capped mountains…well, ok – just one mountain. Within a few hours drive from anywhere anywhere in Israel, you can reach a different terrain and climate. The ecosystem for hiking, biking or off-roading these landscapes is at your fingertips to venture out and enjoy. 

Reach out to the locals

This is your chance to get to know another culture. Perhaps stray a little out of your comfort zone and make the first move to reach out to people around you. People love it when you inquire about them and also love to share their stories, Israelis are not shy. 

Intern or Volunteer

To add purpose and value to your visit to Israel, we urge you to intern or volunteer at any of the many companies or organizations partnered with Israel By Design.  Do you want to train a kids’ basketball program? Do you want to write for a women’s travel company? Are you looking for a marketing consulting experience? Yes, all these and more are possible and there are many more options. Actually, a long list of internships and volunteer positions available now. 

Interning: You can intern in your own professional area or try something completely new through companies Israel By Design works with to make the most of your experience in Israel.

Volunteering: You can volunteer at hospitals, at an animal shelter or with kids. You can even teach English. You can choose from a long list of organizations Israel By Design works with in order to customize your experience. 

Learn the Language

You probably didn’t sign up for this but you’re already here, why don’t you, at least try and learn a new language? When you take Hebrew classes, you join existing groups of Olim who are not necessarily native English speakers meaning you will meet new immigrants from around the world. You don’t have to become the next Shakespeare in Hebrew but perhaps just learning the basics like ‘Where can I get some Falafel at 2 am?’ or ‘Are there jellyfish in the water this time of year?’ You know, important stuff like that….


This is your chance! You’ve moved halfway around the world to experience something new, you can disconnect for a bit from your life at home. You can be anything that you want to be. No one knows your history, this is your time to be the best YOU. Focus on your new experiences and let go, a little, from everything you know. 

Research History

Israel’s past is so rich, the actual ground you walk on is riddled with archeological findings, biblical stories that happened right around the corner from where you will live, some of the places you will walk have been in the stories you have heard since childhood. The stories, religions, the land, the people. OY! Where do we even begin? You will be visiting a land so rich with history. Around every corner, in every city, behind every mountain, there is a story probably hundreds of years old, if not more. Take a moment to learn the background behind it all.

Go out and discover Israel and at the same discover time yourself!

With Israel By Design, you will have the perfect customized experience.