Art and Culture among Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was just named one of the top 10 destinations for 2020 by Forbes Travel Guide. 

Its location on the Meditterranean, its historic buildings, the culture scene, and it being a 24-hour happening city are all contributors to this status. 

However, there is an additional aspect that adds to Tel Aviv’s aura – the art and culture movements. From museums to street art, theatre and dance, pop-ups and festivals, Tel Aviv screams art for everyone. When you are in Israel with Israel by Design and a Masa program, Whether you are an art connoisseur or just like pretty pictures on the wall, you can find something for you. 

Tel Aviv’s art and cultural venues:

  • Art Museums. Tel Aviv has a plethora of museums. Some focus more on art and some on history but all shape the cultural aspect of Tel Aviv. Here is a list your should explore:
    • Tel Aviv Art Museum
    • Reuven Rubin Museum
    • Bauhaus Museum
    • Eretz Israel Museum
  • Street Art. Like any other modern urban environment, people and artists have gone to the streets to express their talents, passions, and causes. Tel Aviv’s metropolitan backdrop of alleys, markets, and the hip vibe is the perfect canvas for large scale murals and smaller tagging of graffiti as well as street performances. These are some neighborhoods you can check these out:
    • Florentin neighborhood
    • Jaffa Port
    • Jaffa’s Flea Market
  • Galleries. Tel Aviv is a safe haven for artists. They live in the city and enjoy displaying their art for locals and tourists in the city’s galleries. These are usually small spaces throughout the city for passersby to casually walk into to view the art pieces. Some are strategically located near tourist hot spots, inviting them to purchase Israeli art. You can find a few here:
    • Stern Gallery
    • Illana Gur Museum
    • Under 1000 Gallery
    • Adina Plastelina
  • Theatre. It’s no surprise that Tel Aviv’s dramatic art theatres and cultural dance centers are always packed. Tel Aviv is home to world-renowned dance companies and play productions. Some plays are adapted from overseas productions while many are local and original. From drama to comedy, one man shows to intricate large scale events, there is always something going on. Explore these theatres for what may be a great fit for you:
    • Habima
    • Cameri Theatre
    • Gesher Theatre
    • Beit Lessin
    • Tzavta Theatre
  • Pop-Ups and Festivals. Throughout the year you can find various art festivals in Tel Aviv, some are seasonal and some with their own theme. Also, local artists and gallery directors may rent out vacant shops as short term gallery spaces. You can look these up on the Tel Aviv city website for updates. 


Tel Aviv really does have it all. When you are here as part of one of Masa Israel programs with Israel by Design, go out to experience the city’s culture and art scene. You will not be disappointed.