Israel By Design – Best. Decision. Ever.

Participating in Israel By Design was one of the best decisions I ever made!

It is a perfect combination of being on a supported program but also being able to live independently.

The madrichim were there when you needed them, but also gave the participants space to live on their own and live the life they wanted during their stay. The trips were well spaced, so that we could look forward to them every few weeks and balance work/life and travel. The trips were extremely well planned and the madrichim took us on phenomenal tours across the country that were so interesting. During the trips we were well looked after. The program also facilitated meeting new friends very well. Whenever new participants arrived we were made very aware of it and shortly after we would have a program or trip. I easily made a big group of friends who I now call lifelong friends.

The madrichim are warm, fun, understanding and they helped me through many decision making processes. I felt very comfortable to ask for any kind of advice or help.

My internship experience was amazing. I worked for Green Productions in their film department. I have been training as a producer and this internship gave me the skills and confidence to go home and apply for positions I am now capable of working in. My internship company were very accommodating, warm and took me in as part of the team. I worked on projects that a junior would not usually be working on. They trusted me and my opinion, gave me many responsibilities and did not treat me like an intern, they treated me like a full time team member.  I felt like I made a difference in their company and I came in every day excited for the work day ahead.