Best Summer Activities in Israel

Israel has beautiful, sunny, and warm days for most of the year. A perfect combination to enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities, early morning or late at night, alone or with friends.  Of course, you will check out the ‘musts’ but in between, you can venture out to activities and places that will make your trip unique and personalized to your preference. You can add the following to your plan when creating an itinerary with Israel By Design or during your free time, exploring on your own.

Let’s jump right in for a great list of adventures:

  • The Jaffa Boardwalk – capturing the beauty of the old city, the views of Tel Aviv and the views of the Mediterranean. A priceless combination capturing one of the unique vibes of the city. Just meters away from all the action, you can chill for a bit and take a walk through the alleys and hideaways to a small old-school marina, much like a  Mediterranean fisherman’s village, with food stands and restaurants. 
  • Night hike in the desert – Israel’s desert is truly amazing. The colors, the silence, and the canyons are enchanting. During the summer you can experience the magic of the desert if you explore it at night. Moonlit walks by trail to Masada, evening bike rides from Arad to the Dead Sea, exploring the desert by lantern, are all activities you can experience without breaking a sweat.
  • Mitzpe Ramon – At the edge of the Ramon Crater in the Negev is the town of Mitzpe Ramon.  Exciting tours, hikes, and activities originate here to explore the unique surroundings. Jeep tours, alpaca farms, hiking within the crater, wine tours, and biking are all available and fun.
  • Mearat Hanetifim (Stalactite Cave Nature Reserve) – a blast in a nearby quarry in 1968 exposed this cave where stalactites and stalagmites have been created for years. Descending into the caves about 200 feet you will witness astonishing formations, columns, and walls. An off-the-beaten-path experience you really should make an effort to see.
  • Culinary Exploration – Israel’s culinary scene is extra vibrant in the summer. Bars and restaurants are open till the early hours of the morning. Of these ‘Susu and Sons’ is the latest hot spot, or actually spots, in Tel Aviv. The best no-nonsense burgers, coolest people and on the best street corners. Early eve or late night, this is the place you have to check out and do not forget to check in.
  • Eilat – This place may already be on your list and for good reason. The southernmost city in Israel is an oasis in the desert. The crimson mountains reach the crystal clear waters hiding under them a heaven for scuba divers. Water sports are a must and after a lazy afternoon there’s a vibrant outdoor nightlife experience you won’t want to miss. 

These are just a few ideas to get your summer in Israel off to a great start, combined with Israel By Design’s program your thirst for adventure and advancement are just waiting to happen.