Art and Culture among Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was just named one of the top 10 destinations for 2020 by Forbes Travel Guide.  Its location on the Meditterranean, its historic buildings, the culture scene, and it being a 24-hour happening city are all contributors to this status.  However, there is an additional aspect that adds to Tel Aviv’s aura – the Continue Reading »


what makes the Florentine neighborhood so Unique ?

Graffiti, restaurants, narrow alleys, old, new, bars, and a great vibe. Florentine neighborhood in the south of Tel Aviv has a mixed population of youth and the elderly. Once characterized by poverty and questionable safety is now a vibrant and active neighborhood for singles and young couples. Florentine is right on the border between Tel Continue Reading »

How To Create Your Own Program

You choose, you decide, you say how long, and you choose where you want to stay. This is the bottom line of Israel By Design program through Masa Israel. You have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to build your own experience in Israel.  How Do You Create Your Own Program You start by choosing the dates you Continue Reading »

Meeting Israelis While Volunteering in Israel

The excitement Israelis have speaking with people from all over the world, attending events with Israelis. Immersing yourself into the Israeli culture overall masa israel internship, internship tel aviv                 One of the most important aspects for you with IBD is meeting, interacting, getting to know, and connecting with Israelis. You’ll make new friends, learn about Continue Reading »


Israeli Tech Innovation

Israel is a global center for technology situated in the Middle East but catering to the whole world. This ‘start-up nation’ has 70 years of innovation under its wings and has captured the attention of all developed countries.  In addition, Israel helps third world countries progress in various fields.   There are more hi-tech startups per Continue Reading »


Masada | A Glimpse of History With An Amazing View

 Masada is the most visited tourist site in Israel. Why is that, what makes it so special and why should you visit it when you are on your Israel by Design program. Masada is an ancient fortress in Israel situated on a mountain-high plateau above the Dead Sea. It’s a national park and a UNESCO Continue Reading »


Tel Aviv -One of the Most Interesting Destinations to Visit in THE World!

el Aviv has just been rated as 2nd out of the 20 top-destinations in the WORLD to visit this year | IBD February 2020 Israel is an amazing country to visit. Its small area, 20,770 km squared, is rich in history, a wealth of cultural experiences, varied landscapes, and a booming culinary scene. Also, the Continue Reading »

Volunteering with MDA (Magen David Adom)

The Israel By Design program duration is 2-10 months during that time you can choose to do a number of things. The program has three main tracks, Internship Track –> intern at leading companies in Israel, in the city of your choice, people usually choose Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem but it’s up to you. Continue Reading »


How an internship in Israel advances personal and professional development

Work experience in any form is always a good decision to advance your personal and professional development. Internships are one type of experience where you can choose to gain knowledge and experience in a certain field without the long term commitment.  Interning in Israel allows you to gain this unique experience and so much more Continue Reading »


Living among Israeli culture

Israelis have a reputation of being entrepreneurs, groundbreakers, and for being very driven. This is usually associated with their professional mannerisms and success. Many argue that this has to do with its unique middle east environment, their military training, and being from a small county with limited resources… necessity is the mother of invention.   However, Continue Reading »