Celebrating the End of 2019, Here are a Few Ways to Start 2020 Off on a Better Foot

Can you believe it’s almost 2020?! Another great year has gone by and we are looking ahead now. Making resolutions, promises, and plans while reflecting on the past year and thinking of what we want to do differently in the New Year. 

New Year’s resolutions should be about us and how we can improve ourselves and the world around us. We are not talking about ending world hunger (although, that could be nice) but a more local and personal level. 

Lots of resolutions revolve around a healthier lifestyle, financial security, and learning new skills but there is another kind of resolution we should consider. Volunteering. 

A selfless act where we can assist others, near or far. It focuses on helping others while providing benefits to us. It has been shown that volunteering improves confidence, reduces depression, and provides new skills all the while gaining a new social environment. 

Giving back to your community can make a difference in your involvement and overall feeling of belonging, not that for the receiver but for you. Each person, that means you, that volunteers help organizations reach their mission for the greater good, especially those participants with unique skills and abilities. 

How do you start the process of volunteering?

 It’s not hard. Making this resolution will not exert an immense amount of time or effort from you unless you are interested in that. You can gauge your level of involvement as you wish. 

  • Take a few minutes, or more, to think about what you are interested in and would like to make time to get involved with. 
  • Make a list of these, opportunities that can fulfill your interests and along with your skills can become a good volunteering fit. 
  • Look for openings and opportunities within reach – local community or even through overseas programs.
  • Apply, sign up, show up. Whatever it takes.
  • Volunteer!
  • Give feedback within the organization – this is a good way for the organizers to learn and understand more about the volunteer’s experiences. 

 This is your year! A year where you focus on yourself while giving back to others. It’s really a win-win situation. During your visit to Israel, you’ll be able to be part of something great!