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Important Information

The information filled out below will be sent to potential applicants and used for promotional purposes. It is important to know that we work with over 3,000 companies and we encourage you to make the job description as appealing as possible to stand out from other internship positions. Please highlight any aspects that are unique to your company. Here is a list of ways to differentiate yourself from other companies or non-profit organizations:

For Businesses:

  • Any excellent press or awards you have received
  • Probability of hiring full-time upon completion of the internship
  • If you work with big-name clients or brands
  • How can you help the intern grow personally and professionally

For Non-profit organizations:

  • The ability to work directly with clients
  • Probability of hiring upon completion of the internship
  • Social impact the company has had in Israel and the world

You can send us a PDF with details about your company or organization.

Help us help the intern choose you!

If you have any additional questions or comments please contact,

Rinat Zohar

Senior Internship Coordinator at Israel Experience

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