Why host an Israel by Design intern at your company?

Hosting an intern at your company is the perfect opportunity to bring fresh ideas to the office. It is always helpful to have a new set of eyes with a new perspective to look at projects and bring in new ideas. By hosting an intern, you are also providing young Jewish adults from around the world an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in the field throughout their stay in Israel.

Our interns go through an interview process and are accepted onto the program before their resume is forwarded to your company. Our interns are professional and eager to learn and can help provide more value to you and your company.

Since 2007, Israel Experience has placed over 1,200 interns in 800 leading companies and organizations across Israel.

All applicants are screened and accepted prior to traveling to Israel. The selection process includes interviews, medical forms, and references. An internship coordinator connects them to their interests based on the descriptions you provide us, and if there is a mutual interest, you will have your intern for the next two to ten months.

Apply for an Israel by Design intern at your company here!