Famous Companies That Started in Israel

Quite a few global companies have originated in Israel. Starting local, they branched out internationally providing job opportunities, both in Israel and abroad. During your Israel experience program, you can explore some of these companies, and maybe even intern at one of them.

Here are a few examples:

Waze is a navigation app owned by Google. Three Israelis founded this amazing company with three venture capital firms. Waze allows you to navigate your destination in the fastest or quickest path you choose. Going viral quickly, Google acquired Waze Mobile in June 2013.

Balther, Guth , Aloni & Co. (aka BGA)

With offices in Haifa, Tiberias, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Beer Sheva, this is one of the largest law firms throughout Israel. Founded in 1974, it has gone international and is now a member of the international network of law firms, Consulegis. Today it cooperates with Herzfeld & Rubins Law Firm in the US.


An Israeli fashion icon specializing in women and kids’ clothing. Over the years it has become a parent company to TNT, a teen fashion brand, and along with its different brands, Honigman Kids and Honigman, it has over 150 stores across Israel.

Mobilitec, Inc.

Acquired by Alcatel Lucent in 2006, this private software company, headquartered in San Mateo was founded by Dr. Ophir Holder, Haim Teichholtz (VP Engineering), and Yoad Gidron (CTO). It provides software platforms and wireless carriers as well as mobile content services like ringtones, wallpapers, cell phone games, audio and streaming videos. Mobilitec, Inc. provides services for wireless carriers across Asia, Europe, and North American for giants such as Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telecom Italia, Hong Kong Telecom (CSL), and more.

M Systems

Founded in 1989 by Dov Moran, M Systems is mostly known for inventing and developing the portable flash drive, marketed in 1995 as DiskOnChip, as the first USB flash drive. In 2000 it became the DiskOnKey. After 17 years in business, it was acquired by their competitor SanDisk. M Systems products received global innovative awards.

Israel is well known for innovative and cutting edge companies in different professional arenas. When you begin your search for job and internship opportunities in Israel you can aim high and choose from a variety of dynamic companies to gain experience and grow in your profession.