Hanukkah Festivities

Hanukkah is an uplifting and festive holiday, especially in Israel. The whole country lights up, literally, for eight days and celebrations are for young and old. There are parties, special events, performances, and tradition related happenings that bring history back to life. 

On your visit to Israel during the Hanukkah holiday try to experience at least one of the following:

Candle lighting tour in Jerusalem

One of the most prevalent traditions during Hanukkah is the lighting of the Menorah. This is to commemorate the small band of Jews waging battle again the Greek armies and winning to reclaim the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. When they wished to light the Temple’s Menorah, the Jews discovered that the only oil left was enough for one night. However, miraculously the one day supply lasted eight days and nights and the holiday of Hanukkah was established. Since then, the tradition is to light the Menorah (also called Hanukkiah). 

In Jerusalem, you can experience a historic walk between ancient buildings and houses whose inhabitants light their menorahs and display them for all.

Where can you taste the best Sufganiyot

Sufganiyot are hole-less doughnuts, made while boiling in oil, to remember the oil that lasted for eight days in the Temple. The original sufganiyot are those made from flour, stuffed with strawberry jam and sprinkled with powdered but today making sufganiyot has become an art. Unleashing their creative side, bakers have outdone themselves baking and frying sufganiyot with the most imaginative fillings and toppings you can imagine – chocolate, wasabi, peanut butter, and more. These could be topped with gold leaves, nuts, and countless other spices and toppings. 

Our favorite places:


Lehamim Bakery

Piece of Cake 

The Tower of David Scavenger Hunt

Near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem is the Tower of David. A medieval citadel, it is now a Museum catering to both adults and kids. During Hanukkah, it hosts a fun scavenger hunt, within its walls, with amazing city views and historic corners within the building. 

 Holiday of Holidays

In Haifa, a multicultural city you can experience the festivities of different cultures all in one festive week. Food stands, street shows, museum expos, concerts, antique fairs, and more. The streets will be packed and the energy will be wonderful. This city celebrates Hanukkah and so much more. 

Hanukkah is a great holiday to go out and explore Israel during your Masa internship with Israel Experience – celebrate the holiday and enjoy the mild weather venturing out to enjoy the country.