Hebrew Language Classes

You want to come to Israel, you want to see what it has to offer, you want to experience its flavors and taste its food, and get to know its people. Basically, you know what you want and Israel by Design will make your wishes a reality. 

As you build your program and trip keep in mind another perk that is included in the Israel By Design package – learning Hebrew. You can begin learning Hebrew at your own level and pace and practice it in your daily life as you explore and adventure in Israel. 

Learn Hebrew during the program

Hebrew is taught via Ulpan. Ulpan is a class, or school, dedicated to the instruction of Hebrew. Since Hebrew will be your gateway to immersing into Israel’s culture and society, making you feel more at home. The classes are usually small and focus on both grammatical skills and conversational practice. Israel By Design offers a number of options to learn Hebrew (Ulpan) that can be determined by you according to your wants and needs. You will be able to choose the class’s location and level of intensity, based on an evaluation of your current Hebrew knowledge. 

Practicing your Hebrew

Now that you are starting to pick up the language, it’s time to practice. You don’t have to be formal about it at all. You can start in the morning when you pick up your coffee at the corner coffee shop with a short ‘Boker Tov’ (good morning) to the barista, you can then ask someone on the street ‘Eize kivoon hachof?’ (which way is the beach), and at lunch ‘Ani rotze lehazmin hummus ve kama pittot’ (I’d like to order Hummus and a few pitas). 

This is only the beginning

As you volunteer or work during your time in Israel, you’ll be able to go even deeper and practice your Hebrew professionally. Whether you volunteer for Maden David Adom (first responders ambulatory service), intern at leading companies in Tel Aviv, or even help out on a farm, there will always be people around you that are both appreciative of your efforts and will probably be curious to learn more about you. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation in Hebrew, yes – in Hebrew. We are sure they’ll lend an ear and help you get your point across. Worst-case scenario, a nice mix of both English and Hebrew will do the trick.

Happily ever after

At the end of your journey to Israel, you can  extend your Ulpan experience; but in any event, after you finish your Israel By Design program you will have gained amazing experiences and  memories of your trip as well as a newly learned language you can utilize for reading, writing, and most importantly you will be able to keep in touch with the amazing people you’ve met during your Israel Experience.