How To Create Your Own Program

You choose, you decide, you say how long, and you choose where you want to stay. This is the bottom line of Israel By Design program through Masa Israel. You have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to build your own experience in Israel. 

How Do You Create Your Own Program

  • You start by choosing the dates you want to come to Israel. You need to commit for 2 months and stay at most 10. 

  • You choose your preference of locations to stay and live. You can live in any part of Israel while most popular locations are Tel Aviv, Haifa or Jerusalem. 

  • Choose your experience while volunteering or gaining professional experience. When volunteering you can do so at a hospital, at an animal shelter or other ventures seeking volunteers. Professionally, you can bring your experience to good use teaching English, setting up an NGO’s social media sites or find something else where your skills and background can be implemented.  

Enriching Your Experience


  • Add special interest courses where you can complete academic studies or enrich and develop personal interests. You can learn Hebrew at one of the local education centers, you can enroll and take courses at the country’s top universities, you can pick up a new craft, and even get certified in various fields. There are quite a few possibilities!

  • And now the cherry on top, choose tours and trips with Israel By Design colleagues all around Israel. You’ll see the country, learn about its history and culture, and even discuss current politics. 

The Israel by Design Masa Program is a unique option to have it all in Israel – work experience, travel, social connections, education, and so much more.