How to Make a Great First Impression

You’ve decided to apply for an Israel by Design and Masa internship in Israel, to experience the country as well as gain work experience – the ultimate opportunity to live life to its fullest. The next step is to find an internship that works for you. During this journey, you will be invited to interview. This is the perfect time to make a great first impression and present yourself in the best possible way.

How should it be done? Let’s go through the steps:

  • Before the interview even happens, practice interview questions that employers may most frequently ask.
  • Research the company and the person that will interview you. With access to social media channels, it’s not hard to learn the basics so you come prepared. Go into Linkedin and Facebook as well as the company’s website.
  • Try to get the inside scoop. Ask around about other people’s experiences at the organization.
  • The beginning of the interview is the most important part, as some say they know within the first 30 seconds if they want to hire the person in front of them or not.
  • Dress appropriately. From your research, you probably already know what type of organization you are interviewing for and what should be expected in terms of dress code.
  • Before stepping into the room, take a deep, slow, and relaxing breath. This oftentimes settles nerves.
  • Smile. The saying ‘A smile goes a long way’ is especially true here as it tends to relax the person in front of you as well.
  • Don’t’ be shy – show your passion for what you do as well as your enthusiasm for the job opportunity. It’s great to show your interviewer that you love what you do and that you are eager to work.
  • Be specific about your qualifications and fit for the job. 
  • It’s ok to get a bit personal – share a personal work-related story or something interesting about your personal life that may interest your employer. This could be about a fascinating travel opportunity or a personal connection to the organization’s field of work. 
  • Talk about your personal work experience and your achievements thus far. 
  • Be yourself. Really! There’s no need to hide, the person in front of you has summoned you for a reason and don’t be shy about it.
  • After the interview, send a short thank you to the interviewer and follow up with an email and mention why you are still excited about the job and also why you are a great candidate. 


Remember, be yourself and take a deep breath, you have so much to offer and an internship in Israel is the next step in your professional and personal career.