How to Write a Perfect Resume

A goal properly set is halfway reached.

– Zig Ziglar

You have your goal of interning in Israel, preferably with an internship in Tel Aviv. You are preparing to gain work experience, to journey to a new country, and meet local and international people. You have a goal, the first big step towards your adventure.

Now it’s time to materialize the dream.

Your first step is finding the right Israel summer internship based on your experiences, capabilities and future plans. Now you need to take all of these and fit them into one (or two) pages so the company you are interested in gets a sense of who you are so they will want to meet you for an interview

Resume in Focus: How to write a great resume

Your resume structure should utilize sections based on skills and expertise you have acquired over time – make sure to choose the resume format that will accent your successes and skills as best you can.

Before starting, keep the following in mind:

  • The first 20 words of your resume are the most important. If the first third of your resume is not enticing the reader will not continue reading it.
  • Recruiters spend as little as 6 seconds on a candidate’s resume before summoning for an interview.
  • Tailoring your resume for each job can put you ahead of your competition.

Resume Format

Time-tested standard formats of sections such as ‘Summary’, ‘Experience’, and ‘Education’ are favorable along with either chronological (work history in descending order) or functional (emphasizes accomplishments and is skill specific) formats.

Begin with a title that fits the job description and a summary that directly states how your skills and experience are a perfect fit for this job.

Chronological Resume:

This resume format lists your experience in reverse order. Start with an Education section and only then a Work Experience section to outline your accomplishments. This allows the person reviewing the resume to see your progression in the field at hand.

This format works for hiring managers and it spotlights reputable employers you’ve worked for.

Functional Resume:

This resume works really well for seekers that are new to the job market or if you have gaps in their employment history. Here you can highlight the skills you’ve attained without focusing on specific workplaces.

If your career path has been diverse, this allows you to focus on your strengths and will not discriminate or punish for nontraditional jobs or job-hopping.

During your internship with Israel By Design, we know you are just starting out in the career world and are still figuring out your goals and professional passions. Although we do expect you to come prepared for an interview and indeed prepare a resume summarizing your abilities and academic and professional background, keep in mind, we are here to help you make the leap to the next steps of your life. 

Our internship coordinators will help you tweak and improve your resume as needed. 

What are you waiting for? Start your application today!