Once you have decided when you want to come, for how long, and where you want to be based, our Israel by Design staff will present you with different accommodation options in the locations that you have chosen.

In most cases, accommodations will be in a student-style apartment in the center of the city or near a University and will be on a self-catering basis. Accommodations usually include a shared kitchen and bathroom, with bedrooms being either private or shared – you will most likely be rooming with another Israel by Design participant*. In some cases, a private room may be available for an additional fee.

*If you are coming on Israel by Design with a friend or group of friends and you want to room together, you need to request this from our staff at least 3 months in advance of your arrival in Israel. We may not be able to guarantee housing with your friends if you do not request it in advance.

Accommodations vary depending on the city, but you can expect to receive a clean apartment with basic furniture and equipment (e.g. bed, heater, microwave or toaster oven…etc.)

We will present accommodation options available in your base location and will help you to select the accommodation that best suits you.

Jerusalem Housing

This housing option is located at the Student Village of the Hebrew University Mt. Scopus Campus. Each participant has his or her own room in a shared apartment that includes a kitchenette and a small common area. It is usually 4-5 people to an apartment. The housing is approximately a 40-minute bus ride from the center of town, with transportation frequently available.

You may be living in an apartment with participants from different programs.

Tel Aviv Housing

The Tel Aviv housing is located at 37 King George St., in the heart of Tel Aviv, walking distance from the beach, Dizengoff Center and many other Tel Aviv attractions. The housing consists of apartments in a dorm-like setting. Apartments are divided into 2, 3, 4 or 5 person units. Two-person units are essentially two people to a studio apartment consisting of one shared bedroom with its own bathroom and kitchenette. Three-person units are larger versions of the two-person unit, with three people sharing one large bedroom. Quads/Quins (four-five person units) are two adjoining shared bedrooms and a common kitchenette and bathroom in between, with two-three people sleeping in each bedroom.

The units in Tel Aviv are not uniform and vary in size and structure.

The accommodations are basic dormitory-style units in an incredible location!