How It Works

1. Choose the basics

You can choose the DATES you want to come and the PLACE(s) you’d like to stay. You can arrive at the beginning of each month for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 10 months. You can live in any part of Israel – with the most popular base locations being Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Haifa. But don’t let this list stop you – it’s your program, your choice, just let us know where you want to live.

2. Add volunteering or professional experience

You could volunteer in an Israeli school or in an Israeli hospital, in the Magen David Adom ambulance service, in a children’s village or even in an animal shelter. You could teach English, help an NGO with their social media, support African refugees, or learn about agriculture. You could experience the Israeli army through MARVA. You could work at an internship in your own professional area, or use this as a chance to try something completely new. The choice is yours.

3. Next, add special interest courses

Special interest courses are the opportunity for you to enrich your knowledge, develop your personal interests, or complete academic studies. You could take academic courses at one of Israel’s top universities. You could learn Hebrew or other languages in daily classes; you could study environmental planning at a desert university, learn professional jewelry making with a local artist, or take a scuba certification course in the Red Sea. The options are endless…!

4. Finally, add tours and trips

In addition to your other program components, you will have a chance to go on trips and tours with the other Israel by Design participants. These trips will take you all around the country and will expose you to subjects such as modern Israeli society, religion and the Jewish state, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Jewish identity in modern Israel, trends in the Israeli job market and more.