Tuition & Grants

The program tuition is based on how you would like to personally customize your program. The tuition will be determined by a number of factors.

  1. The duration of your program
  2. The location(s) where you would like to live
  3. The volunteer or professional experience options that you add
    • Magen David Adom training course and Marva have an additional cost whereas other volunteer placements may have little to no cost
  4. The special interest courses that you choose

Basic Program Price

At Israel by Design the price of the program depends on what you choose, the price chart below  is relevant to the basic program costs. Any additional activities will increase the tuition. The basic program includes:

  • Accommodations in your base(s) for the duration of the program – Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa
  • Comprehensive health insurance for the duration of the program
  • Internship/volunteer placement during your program
  • Transportation costs (usually in the form on a monthly bus pass) in the area(s) you live for the duration of the program
  • Basic Hebrew Ulpan course – the frequency and level of classes will be determined by your skill and need. (You can choose to add further Hebrew Ulpan classes for an additional cost.)
  • Regular social and educational activities with other Israel by Design participants – these include evenings, weekends, seminars, tours and trips
Price Without HousingPrice With HousingDuration
$8.500$14,50010 Months
$5,500$8,5005 Months
$4,500$7,5003-4 Months
$2,200$3,7001-2 Months

To get a complete proposal for your Israel program with Israel By Design, please contact program director, Almog Berti at

Masa Grants


Masa Israel Journey enables young Jewish adults to participate in long-term Israel programs (of five months or more) by providing grants and scholarships towards program fees, as well as support, activities, workshops and resources while in Israel.

Masa Israel Journey encourages every program participant to apply for a scholarship, in order to access its extensive funds available for scholarships. Every eligible applicant receives scholarships from MASA which is determined according to financial and geographic factors. Applicants are deemed eligible for a scholarship if they are Jewish, aged 18 to 30, and meet MASA’s eligibility criteria. For more detailed information about eligibility, or to apply for your MASA scholarship, go to