How an internship in Israel advances personal and professional development

Work experience in any form is always a good decision to advance your personal and professional development. Internships are one type of experience where you can choose to gain knowledge and experience in a certain field without the long term commitment. 

Interning in Israel allows you to gain this unique experience and so much more and ultimately an advantage over other candidates in your future positions. 

Working in a completely new location, unfamiliar in its culture and geography prepares you for other unknowns ahead. You will learn to familiarize yourself and become comfortable with this new situation, a life skill/trait most employers will look favorably upon in a new candidate as it shows you are a well-rounded individual. It also shows you gained international experience in Israel, The Start-Up Nation. 

Adjustments in a bilingual work environment are not an easy feat but one that sparks your creativity and teaches you to be inventive when trying to bridge the gap between two languages, two cultures, two ways of life.  It’s not only the language or the culture but the prior knowledge you, the candidate, bring to the table. What they learn from you and what you learn from them. 

This new adventure gives you an opportunity to explore a new country. Research has shown that travel is key to personal development, growth, and fulfillment. Working in Israel, or actually, traveling in Israel during your free time, will expose you to new landscapes and sights you would probably have not seen otherwise. 

One of the benefits of interning in Israel through Israel by Design is that you can choose to work in a field you do not have any prior experience in. This enables you to find an area outside of your comfort zone if you so choose and are interested in. This is your chance to try a new discipline or sector and open up another professional door for your future. 

Israel is known as an innovation and technology hub. It allows you to gain hands-on experience in the field. Plenty of well-established companies, as well as startups, are actively looking for young international professionals from different cultures and countries who are interested in gaining hands-on work experience. 

Israel is also an international hub. Its close business connections with European and Asian markets exposes interns to learn how to conduct business in international markets. Looking ahead, future employers will favor a candidate with such knowledge as bridging the international gap because it is not always easy. 

Shall we continue with all the benefits?

It’s obvious that interning in Israel with Israel by Design is a unique experience benefiting you both personally and professionally. Your growth will be exponential and help you carve a path to a successful future.