Israel Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Adopting a more environmentally conscious behavior is one of Israel’s primary goals for its future, both near and far. The focus on public transportation, recycling, using solar and wind power and reducing its carbon footprint is not only a top priority for the country but its residents as well.

Nurit, a small town in the Mt. Gilboa region, the first official residential town that will go green. Nurit’s community is adopting environmentally responsible behavior with its services and infrastructure.

Israel’s Cooling Canopy

The hot and humid climate in Israel requires natural methods for cooling. Planting tall, leafy trees around homes and public areas are a great source for moderating heat and cooling air. These trees reduce pollutants, produce oxygen, save electricity and are a beautiful way to ‘go green’ in an urban environment.

Eco-Friendly Start-Ups in Israel

As a leader in technology with ample start-up companies, Israel has also taken the lead in active approaches to boost eco-friendly ideas and companies. Entrepreneurs are finding ways to make use of available resources to optimize businesses without harming the environment. The wide variety of initiatives – from healthcare technologies to revolutionary water systems, is a true testament to Israel taking matters into their own hands. These are also great opportunities for American’s coming to intern in Israel in English.

Today investors are honing in on ‘the finest technologically innovative country in the Middle East’, Israel, of course, as they look for green solutions. Diminishing natural resources and entrepreneurship expertise make Israel’s eco-friendly start-up companies a true gem for investors:

An Israeli organization focuses on the production of compostable bioplastic packaging. It’s not a secret anymore of the harm plastic does to the environment, especially single-use plastics such as plastic bags or bottles which take hundreds of years to decompose. Some companies recycle their plastics and others, like TIPA are looking for more sustainable solutions to actually reduce the amount of plastic used in the world.

Established in 2016, Inspecto aims to produce nanoscale portable devices for early detection of food contamination in agricultural produce while still growing in the field. It is only a start-up but they aim to change the way in which and measures in which consumption safety is regulated

3 SuperMeat
A meat substitute that is created from actual animal cells. Ethical, environmentally friendly, and delicious, this is why a duo from Tel Aviv founded SuperMeat. They aim to create a clean meat product for carnivores and omnivores alike.

These are some examples of how Israel’s modern and forward-looking approach is putting Israel at the forefront of eco-friendly thinking and technology.