Israeli Tech Innovation

Israel is a global center for technology situated in the Middle East but catering to the whole world. This ‘start-up nation’ has 70 years of innovation under its wings and has captured the attention of all developed countries.  In addition, Israel helps third world countries progress in various fields.  

There are more hi-tech startups per capita in Israel than anywhere else in the world, an impressive feat for a nation with only 9 million people (to get a feel for this, there are about 9 million people living in London). Hundreds of tech developments have come out of Israel from various fields – from medical devices, to flash drives, to agricultural innovation gadgets and more.

Here are some examples of groundbreaking innovation invented in Israel :


ReWalk (Argo Medical Technologies). ReWalk is a bionic walking assistant used by paraplegics or people with disabilities to stand up straight, walk and climb stairs. It’s an exoskeleton robot that received signals from a watch. It’s been in use since 2014 and has already appeared at the 2012 London Paralympics.


ICQ, an online messaging system, was the first instant messenger, allowing users to send each other real-time messages. It was a free app, developed in 1996, by an Israeli startup called Mirabilis. It was developed due to a need for a universal communication system. ICQ has revolutionized communication by allowing immediate and real-time online dialogue. In 1998 the company was purchased by AOL for $400 million.


One of the natural resources Israel is lacking is water. To overcome this problem Israeli scientists and innovators invented drip-irrigation technology that allows a pipe to drip just enough water onto crops without waste. Netafim and micro-irrigation were invented in 1965 allowing growth while limiting the amount of water. In Israel, this system deemed crucial as one of its missions was to develop and utilize its desert, over 50% of its landscape. Here the mission was to grow crops while still saving water. Today the micro-irrigation systems developed by Netafim can be found in 110 countries like India and Ethiopia.


Pillcam, the swallowable medical camera. What this technology allows is a real-time look inside the human body (without inversion into the body) to find infections or cancerous cells within the digestive system. This technology is being built upon in order to help solve problems like drug delivery and preventive medical treatment.


Did you ever get one of those messages saying your computer has found a virus or trojan horse? Again, you can thank Israeli innovation for that. Check Point Software Technologies invested in the first malware program which in its essence protects your computer from dangerous cyber and online activity. This commercial firewall was developed in 1993 and since then the company has expanded overseas and has partnered with major technology partners, such as Nokia. 

Just to name a few more; disk on key, the flexible stent, Watergen, and more. 

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