Jerusalem During the Winter Holidays

What hasn’t been said about this city? Everything! Its history is almost endless, it’s culture is diverse, it’s beauty is unparalleled, and its vibe is like no other. And this is on any given day. However, come the winter holiday season the city ‘takes it up a notch’. It’s more festive, more, lit up, busier, and livelier. 

Jerusalem is the city of cities and it hosts all religions from around the world. Each shares a piece of their history and traditions here and followers come to Jerusalem to learn, witness, and participate in the practice of their beliefs.

During the winter holiday season, if you are lucky to be in Israel during your Masa Israel Journey with Israel Experience, experience the beauty of the city along with the beauty of the holidays.

The Christmas Spirit:

There are dozens of churches in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. These are decorated and welcome all, tourists and locals, to experience the music and stories around this festive time. 

Holiday Mass events are held at Knesiyat Hakever, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and other holy locations in Jerusalem. These are unique traditions that are definitely interesting to watch or be a part of while in the holiest city in the world.

Happy Hanukkah: 

A truly magical time in Jerusalem with menorah decorations of private and public buildings and the smell of latkes and sufganiyot from the bakeries and markets. 

There are special Hanukkah tours that bring to life the biblical stories and take you through the allies and old authentic neighborhoods.

Don’t forget to take a stroll in the Old City of Jerusalem and admire the lights and menorah’s seen through windows. 

Lastly, at the Kotel (the Western Wall) a Menorah is lit in a public ceremony at 16:30 every night during the holiday. Remember, there are 8 days to Hanukkah, so choose your day wisely. 

New Year’s Eve

This is not an official Israeli holiday, called in Israel Silvester, but still Israelis, especially Jerusalemites, celebrate it. You can find special dinners at the local restaurants, all-night parties, and popping of champagne bottles all over the city. Keep in mind January 1, 2020, is a regular workday.

 Enjoy this special season in Jerusalem and bundle up. Outside it may be cold but indoors it’s probably sizzling.