Museums to Visit in Israel During the Winter

Israel’s winter is a mild one. While it may get a few rainy days and some even cold, most days are sunny and require a light jacket. In one month you may experience a beach day, a hike in the desert, and a wonderful museum tour while it’s raining outside.

During those days where the weather is a bit more tricky, you should still get out and enjoy Israel’s cultural scene. One that explores all areas of its people, history, art, and innovations. You can find all these in any one of, or all, of Israel’s museums. 

Israel’s museums host everything from technological progress, holocaust remembrance, cutting edge graphic design, the local and global art scene, and even agricultural revolutions. Whatever your interest may be, take a day or a few hours to explore. You may even learn something as one of Israel’s top interns.

These are some of our favorites:

Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remembrance Center and Museum

This museum is a must. This museum is the basis of the country of Israel, where it all started. Your visit here will confront you with personal stories of survival as well as the history of those who perished. It will come face to face with the raw facts of WW2 as well as the details of the holocaust. This visit may be a somber one but one that will leave its mark and is connected to the roots of the Jewish people.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is housed in a brand new structure with cutting edge design. It’s frequently updated exhibitions, by leading global artists, make it a haven for art lovers as well as novices but who are still interested in enjoying beautiful and thought-provoking art. The museum’s location is central and close to Israel’s Opera and Theater Center. In the courtyards close by you can also enjoy a great meal at The Dining Hall.

Beit Hatfutsot

This is the Museum of the Jewish People. Here you can learn the story of the past, present, and future of the Jewish identity. It explores culture, faith, humor, purpose, and portrayal around the world. Oftentimes you can find there exhibitions of well-known Jews from around the world.

Ralli Museum

In the unique town of Cesarea, a historic seaside town with ancient archaeological sites, you can find this gem – although small it is still special. Its focus is a contemporary take on Latin American art and has three other locations worldwide. While the museum in itself is beautiful, you should really experience the close surroundings, even in the winter. The old Caesarea port, the Roman ruins, and the amphitheater. Walk along the sea, either via the beach or on the ancient walls, and eat the local restaurants.

Matkot Museum

The most fun museum by far. One big room dedicated to the national past-time of summer – playing Matkot (Padell Ball) at the beach. A local tradition made into a display of Israel’s history and beach culture. You have to check hours since it is not open regularly, but if you can find the time, head over for a fun hour of RF (random facts).

Design Museum in Holon

Opened in 2010, the Design Museum of Holon, just south of Tel Aviv, has established itself among the leading museums of design and contemporary culture. In an iconic building, it’s an inspirational facility for students, designers, and the general public. Its exhibitions and events are exciting, cutting-edge, and surprising and help visitors gain an understanding of the design and the important role it plays in everyday life.

Museum of Natural History

A new museum presenting Israel’s nature and natural habitat from a new and modern perspective. With a scientific collection of five and a half million items, the Museum of Natural History brings to life the history of Israel’s land, surroundings and remnants of changes in the region. 

There are more museums to experience in Israel, though these are a few to get your started and delve into Israel from different perspectives on a winter’s day to stay indoors.