Why intern in Israel?

Israel by Design offers an internship program for two to ten months giving participants the opportunity to add valuable international experience to their resume. Throughout the internship, each person will learn the professional skills needed to succeed in today’s world. The work environment in Israel is very unique. In most companies, the intern has the opportunity to work side by side with directors and managers. There is no line of superiority which gives an intern the opportunity to rapidly develop more skills for future endeavors. This international work experience is the perfect opportunity to create an international professional and social network. With over 3,700 internships to choose from, our staff is here to help find the perfect fit for you.

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain hands-on international experience
  • Create lifelong professional & social networks
  • Gain personal and professional skills
  • Explore Israel while living like a local

Internship requirements

Each intern is required to work between 28-35 hours a week depending on the company you work for. Israel by Design will connect you with an internship provider who will help you find an internship placement and give you internship advice throughout the program. Each company is different which is why it is important to speak with your supervisor and create a mutual understanding of requirements that need to be met throughout the internship.

Hebrew Classes – Ulpan

While interning in Israel, participants on Israel by Design become an integral part of society. Throughout your internship, you will have the opportunity to attend Hebrew classes (Ulpan) within your local community. This Ulpan allows you to learn a new language and meet people from different counties, cultures, and ages.

Become a local

Interning in Israel allows you to immerse in an entirely new culture, meet new people, and live like a local. Israel by Design is the perfect opportunity to immerse into the Israeli culture while having the support system of Israel Experience staff members by your side. Our staff encourages you to immerse yourself entirely into daily life in Israel. If you would like recommendations of events to attend, communities to join, or restaurant and bar recommendations, we are here for you! We want each and every person to get the most out of their program with Israel by Design.