Language Courses

There is no better place to learn Hebrew than in Israel. Israel by Design gives you the chance to learn Hebrew at your own level, at your own pace, and to practice Hebrew in your daily life.

Hebrew Ulpan is taught by professional teachers, in small to medium-sized classes, focusing on both conversational practice and grammatical skills. Israel by Design strongly believes in the value of learning the Hebrew language as a gateway tool to immersion into Israel society.

The basic Israel by Design program includes 4 – 14 weeks of Hebrew Ulpan, with between 5 and 20 hours per week of study. Ulpan will be arranged according to the location you choose, your pre-existing skill level*, and the level of intensity that you choose. If learning Hebrew is a top priority for you, you might want to consider extending your ulpan lessons throughout your entire program.

* For participants with existing Hebrew knowledge, the Israel by Design staff will have you take a Hebrew level evaluation to help us place you in the correct level of Ulpan.

You can attend Hebrew Ulpan while living in a city – the choice is yours.