Marketing and Public Relations Associate

Kol HaIsha - The Jerusalem Women's Center - Jerusalem

Assistance in PR, marketing, research, grant writing and project reports; work on the internet site and more!

Research and Social Media Fellow | ImaKadima

- Jerusalem

The internship is flexible, as we believe that an organization grows with its employees. In general, we are interested in interns who are dedicated to our cause, want to further research projects, and contribute to ImaKadima in which way they see fit. Sample tasks: researching family friendly workplaces, upkeep of ImaKadima's social media presence.

Production Assistant | Mashu-Mashu Social Theater Troupe

- Jerusalem

There are productions every month in the summer. During the internship, the intern will assist in the production of two of these performances. As Mashu-Mashu is a social theater group that aims to empower the community through theater and give different underprivileged groups a platform from which to express themselves, there is a strong community development aspect to the internship. The group was established in Kiryat Yovel as it is an especially divided city (mainly due to the differences between the secular and religious inhabitants). The intern will help produce various projects that will engage the community in a dialogue about coexistence. If the intern speaks Hebrew or Arabic they can get involved in some of the weekly groups that the theater runs – for example, voice lessons for Ethiopian girls, groups for teens at risk, the women's group (for secular and religious women).

Assistant Brewer | Herzl Beer

- Jerusalem

Our intern will assist in the manufacturing process, from the brewing to packaging to delivery and will learn the entire beer-making process as well as become familiar with the Jerusalem pubs and nightlife. As the work is done mostly by hand, the position requires physical work.

No experience working with beer is necessary but would be an advantage. The ideal candidate should be interested in learning about the process!

Public Relations and Outreach Intern | Israel Experience

- Jerusalem

If you are an Israel loving wordsmith with an eye for fabulous content, a proclivity towards outreach and a thirst for pitching the next big headline – then this is the internship for you. Meet new people from around the world who are traveling through the country with Israel Experience, the fastest growing tourism company in Israel which brings over 30,000 people to Israel to volunteer, travel, or gain professional work experience. As the public relations outreach intern, you will work with our Marketing Department to place our participants’ in great places, from international news sources to community bulletins worldwide.

It is also possible to do this internship in Tel Aviv!

Theater Assistant | Incubator Theater

- Jerusalem

Our international program is seeking an intern to work in the position of assistant producer. This includes reaching out to various countries and discovering festivals in which our productions can take part in. The intern will then follow up with the business end of things from start to finish to make sure the connection is made and both production teams have what they need. Our intern will also assist with marketing, social media and development. Additional tasks depend on the timing of the internship and what is going on in the way of production in the theater, but there could also be opportunities in production, costume design and set design.

Market Researcher, Social Media, Digital Arts | Jumpspeed Ventures

- Jerusalem

Venture capital company located in the capitol of the start up nation is looking for a talented and dedicated intern to conduct market research, compile leads for users of the companies’ platforms, marketing/press relations, social media as well as blog post research and writing. We are also interested in someone who has skills with web animation, videography, digital arts etc... to assist in the development interactive portfolios for our clients.

Journalist/Story Gatherer, Grant Writer, Creative Media, Youth Outreach or English Tutor | Ethiopian National Project

- Jerusalem

Internship possibilities in a number of departments!

-Journalist/ Story Gatherer: Visit local immigrants and organization run projects and collect stories of the impact being made in the field through these programs. Take what you see and learn and spread the word to the North American Jewish community and global Jewry about this important work, as you experience it first hand. Your stories will published in various media and utilized in Federation reports. Best for talented writers. Double bonus: can be the "right hand person" of an ENP field coordinator, and use opportunity to learn Amharic/help young professionals practice English.

-Creative Media: Write a blog, put together an e-newsletter, keep ENP’s Facebook page and tweet current events, launch virtual fundraising campaigns, explore new technologies and use your know-how to see how ENP can utilize social media to get the word out!

-Grant and Report Writer: Learn the important skill of resource development as you assist ENP in its fundraising efforts.

-Tutors/Teachers: Teach English or other subjects to youth. Or help to improve spoken English skills of young Ethiopian-Israeli professionals.

-Youth Work: Volunteer in Youth Outreach Centers and teach special skills (computers, photography, art, drama, etc—any skills welcome!) to Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers. Teach them skills to help them integrate into Israeli society!

Marketing Strategist | VinciWorks

- Jerusalem

We are looking for people that want to look at our current strategy and question it. Present new ideas. In this position you will have the freedom to hypothesis new market opportunities and test your assumptions.

We sell our products to corporate lawyers. We want to sell more of those products and/or other products to more lawyers and financiers in new markets. Anything you want to do to achieve that goal will be your responsibility.

You will probably write some emails, discuss grammar, bat down bad ideas, and you might build some spreadsheets.

When you leave you will probably know a bit more about: HTML, design, Markdown, Evernote, GTD, coffee, branding, marketing, PR, SEO, Adwords.

Online Education | The Melton Centre for Jewish Education

- Jerusalem

Interns will be:
- Producing online courses.
- Filming, editing, thinking activities, uploading materials.
- Working together with the lecturer
- Administration of online courses and online websites.
- Interviewing lecturers and students and producing articles for the Facebook page of Melton.