Solo Travel in Israel

Solo traveling has become a worldwide trend. No organized tours, girls’ trips, or boys weekends. This is just you and the world. Or in this case – Israel.You travel throughout the country by yourself taking in the sights, the sounds, the atmosphere uninhibited by anyone else’s whims. In Israel, you can travel solo safely and comfortably. This is one of the options we offer on our programs.

However, Solo traveling is not always easy in Israel due to its unique language and alphabet, and ‘slight’ difference in personality characteristics of the people living in it.

So what can be helpful while traveling alone in Israel:

Monit Sherut
A shared service taxi is an inexpensive way to get around the country, especially in the major cities. These are 10-seater minivans, which come to replace large buses on the same routes. You can catch them at the regular bus stops and they cost the same as a regular bus ticket. Aside from the main cities, some travel between cities and even between Ben Gurion Airport to personal residences in suburban areas.

A free downloadable app that provides accurate public transportation schedules, arrival and departure times of buses and trains as well as routes and directions. One of its greatest features is the ability to share a ride with a local Israeli driver. Of course, you can see the driver’s profile and reviews prior to your ride – in Hebrew ‘tremp’.

English speaking locals
Israelis, for the most part, are able to hold a conversation in English. If approached on the street, in restaurants or on public transportation most people will be happy to assist a stranger in need. Israeli’s are very helpful in that sense.

Learn a few Hebrew terms and phrases

While traveling, it’s recommended you understand a few essential Hebrew terms. ‘Can you help me?’ is ‘Atta yachol la’azor lee?’ which is really important.
‘Atta medaber Anglit?’ is ‘Do you speak English?’ and should be memorized.
‘Efshar cheshbon?’ is ‘Can I get the bill?’ and ‘Eiffo Hachof?’ is ‘Where’s the beach?’.
It is recommended to begin learning some of the essential terms during the first weeks of arriving to make the transition easier for you and help you immerse into Israel culture.