Spending the Weekend at the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea, a contender of the Natural Wonders of the World list is right here in Israel, only an hour and a half from Tel Aviv, where you could spend time during your Israel summer program

The Dead Sea’s unique characteristics and beauty attract people from all over the world to float, enjoy the minerals in the water, the dry desert air, and the beautiful resorts and attractions close by.  

Now it’s your turn to come experience this amazing place. Here’s how you can enjoy a full weekend of activities at the Dead Sea and its surroundings:

Ein Gedi: A natural reserve on your route to the Dead Sea. A green oasis in the middle of the barren desert with freshwater streams and trails. You can explore ancient settlement ruins or pack a picnic for a relaxing rest in the shade. 

Qumran National Park: An archaeology site where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Caves and majestic landscapes of desert and mountains can be explored here for a trip back in time. 

The Dead Sea: Spend a day dipping in the ultra salty waters of the Dead Sea. Bathe and float in the sea and absorb its minerals. Choose a beach ahead of time as they all offer showers, toilets, beach chairs, shade, lifeguards, and snacks. These beaches are recommended – Biankini Beach, Kalia Beach, Zohar Hot Springs Beach. 

Masada: Towering above the Dead Sea, this historical plateaued mountain is an icon of Jewish history and courage. Climb it by foot on the Snake Trail (a 30-minute uphill walk) or take the Cable Car to the top, take a guided tour or explore the ruins on top of the mountain on your own to learn its historical value and spectacular views. Sometimes there are concerts and performances at the top or its bottom, many are at sunset or sunrise for a unique cultural experience.

Relax at a Spa: Staying at a hotel close to the shores of the Dead Sea is an ideal way to relax on your trip. The hotels here cater to a variety of spa treatments taking advantage of the health qualities of the Dead Sea minerals. Facials, massages, salt rooms, and more. 

Photo ops along the way:

As you drive along the Dead Sea shores keep your eyes open for scenic points for great picture locations: The Moab Mountains, Valley of Tamar, and the Dead Sea Evaporation points. Make sure not to go off-road, this area is known for deadly sinkholes. 

 And a few last bits of info before you head out: This salt lake borders both Jordan and Israel, fed by the Jordan River. Its surface and shores are 430 meters below sea level, the lowest elevation on land. It’s 300 meters deep, the deepest in the world. It’s about 9 times saltier than the ocean that allows you to lay back and just float around. 

You’re all set. Grab a swimsuit, a pair of hiking shoes and sunglasses and add some salt to your adventure through Israel by Design.