Start 2020 by volunteering in Israel

Tailor-made volunteering. This almost seems like an oxymoron but no! It is not. This is possible. You can actually create your own volunteering experience in one of the most exciting and culturally-rich locations in the world – Israel!

We all know what the advantages of volunteering are – mentally, professionally, and culturally. Israel by Design, allows you to tailor-make a unique and personalized life-changing decision based on your interests, time constraints, and your personal & professional goals. 


What kind of volunteering opportunities can I find with Israel Experience?


  • Teaching in schools and youth clubs, formally or informally. Here you’ll work with youth to teach English but actually, you will contribute so much more to their experience by allowing a glimpse of another culture. 
  • Become a mentor and a role model, working with new immigrants as they come into Israel guiding them through the path of acclimating to their new surroundings.  
  • Israel is one of the leaders in agricultural innovation. You’ll have the opportunity to work and learn first hand what being on the cusp of innovation means.
  • One of the most selfless types of volunteering is being with children during treatment or recovery at hospitals. If you are up for it, this is the most valuable support you can give. 


It’s obvious how your participation will enrich the lives of those you get involved with but how will it enrich yours – 

What will you gain from volunteering?

  • You are now part of a new community, big or small. It is in you, your soul, a meaningful and productive manner and is creating a relationship with others.
  • Making new friends as you step outside of your comfort zone and meet people with shared passions and goals. A momentary new friendship can lead to a future broader support network, maybe even professionally. 
  • Your happiness is key when volunteering is part of the equation. The bottom line – volunteering makes you happier. Here you have an ‘excuse’ to explore your interests and passions without guilt. 
  • Fulfillment and balance are more amazing advantages to volunteering. Your new adventure will provide a new sought balance to what you’ve done before and give you a spark of motivation you may have been lacking in your former routine. 

 Now you have the What, How, and Why. It’s time to go ahead and dive in, volunteer and let Israel by Design help you find the perfect opportunity.