Tel Aviv -One of the Most Interesting Destinations to Visit in THE World!

el Aviv has just been rated as 2nd out of the 20 top-destinations in the WORLD to visit this year | IBD February 2020

Israel is an amazing country to visit. Its small area, 20,770 km squared, is rich in history, a wealth of cultural experiences, varied landscapes, and a booming culinary scene. Also, the short distances between various locations make it easy to get around and enjoy it in a short amount of time. 

Tel Aviv has been recognized as the 2nd top-destination to visit in 2020 by Forbes magazine travel guide and we could not agree more. It emphasizes the city landscape along the Mediterranean coast with its UNESCO designated zone of Bauhaus buildings, the largest collection in the world, but there are so many more beautiful attractions not mentioned in the Forbes article… here are some more winning points for Israel in general and Tel Aviv specifically.

What else do Tel Aviv and other locations in Israel, only a short distance away, have to offer?

  • Climate: Israel’s temperature ranges from a low of 5 degrees Celsius, 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to low 30 degrees Celsius, 86 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer but keep in mind most of the time it has the perfect weather to visit the beach, sunbathe, explore the mountains, and even hike in the desert. 
  • Historical sites: Israel is the epicenter of the three major religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  Also, it is the location of many biblical and historical events such as wars, occupation, treaties and other monumental occasions. All around the country you will easily find and be able to visit ruins and learn what has occurred at each specific location, all just a drive from Tel Aviv.
  • Adrenalize junkies: Have your pick – scuba diving with dolphins, windsurfing with an Olympic medalist, sailing into the sunset, skiing the tallest mountain in Israel, paragliding, off-roading in the desert, or rock climbing biblical mountains. Some of these are right off the yellow-sandy beaches of Tel Aviv and others are a short drive away.
  • Tel Aviv is a  24/7 city: From restaurants to clubs, theatre, cafes, museums, street art, and bars. This city has it all, at all hours of the day. You can find night clubs opening their doors at 12 noon and cafes serving chocolate shakes at 4 am. They are at the top floor of penthouse commercial highrises, abandoned garages in Jaffa or the basement of a brand name store on Dizengoff Street. 

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