Top 10 Things To Do With Your Free Time On Your Israel By Design Program

We are going to keep you busy!

The Israel By Design program is designed to deliver the best of the best that Israel has to offer just for you based on your interests – work, volunteering, academic classes, learning Hebrew, and touring Israel. You will be super busy but actually, have lots of free time. How would you like to spend it? 

10 things to do with your free time on your Israel By Design experience

  • Do Nothing. Not at home on the couch but do nothing with the best view possible.
    • Tel Aviv beaches: Grab a towel, swimsuit, frisbee, matkot (paddle ball racket) sunscreen (don’t forget the sunscreen!!!), and just relax in front of the beautiful water. 
    • Coffee shops: Sit down, order ‘cafe hafooch’ (cappuccino), take a sip and watch the passers-by. 
    • Picnic: Text a few friends, pack some snacks, a bottle of wine or a few beers, meet at a park, and chat in Hebrew. Don’t forget to practice your Hebrew!
  • Learn to surf: Israel’s mild climate and warm waters, almost year-round, allows anyone to pick up this sport. Also, the waves along the shore are not death-defying and fit anyone from novice to expert surfers. 
  • Have dinner or breakfast at 3 am: Head to the Old City of Jaffa and find Abbulafia. Abbulafia is a local bakery with middle eastern pastries, both sweet and salty, open 24 hours a day since 1879.  And then sleep in the next day. Try everything!!
  • Go camping: Pack up a few things, there is no need to pack up the entire house after all this is Israel, you can get away with a can of tuna and pita. Some great camping spots: Habonim Nature Reserve, Hurshat Tal, The Dead Sea, Kfar Blum Kayaks.
  • Go for a run or a bike ride: Jog or hop on a bike along a 20 km paved beach trail from the southern part of Bat Yam to the northern part of Herzliya. 
  • Explore a new city: Be spontaneous and choose any major city on the map of Israel. Drive to it, park in the center and start exploring the streets, cafes, visit a museum and get lost in its alleys. 
  • Go to the mall: Although you can do this anywhere in the world, sometimes the weather in Israel just begs you to come indoors. Have a bite, try on something new, check out a movie, and even get a manicure. All in a day’s work.
  • Write: So many of Israel’s views are inspiring. Choose a quiet place to sit with an amazing view – Jerusalem’s alleys, Masada’s desert scene, Haifa’s views of the Bay, or the Golan Heights view of Syria’s mountains. Write a letter, blog your Israel experiences or even practice your written Hebrew. 
  • Call someone new: During your Israel By Design experience, you will meet so many new people, some local and others, like you, visiting and working in Israel. Why don’t you initiate a one-on-one with them? Get coffee, go to a party, or even check out a concert. 
  • Explore the culinary scene: Israel’s culinary scene is one of the most interesting in the world. So much diversity, fresh food from land and sea. Make it a point to try something new often.

Israel has so much to offer and with Israel by Design, you can create a unique experience tailor-made for you. In between the activities on your amazing plan, venture out and try things independently, there is so much to enjoy.