Things you didn’t know about Haifa and should

Haifa, the capital of Israel’s North is situated on the slopes of Mount Carmel and is the third-largest city in Israel. It is a unique testament to the co-living of Israel’s three religions and its steep streets and location, just above the bay, is known as the ‘San Francisco of Israel’. It’s a leader in innovation, technology, and also has an amazing underground nightlife. Overall, this city has it all. 

Recently, Haifa has emerged as an innovation and technology leader. The Technion and Haifa University, lead the way in research to create a base for the Matam Industrial Park hosting Intel, Google, Microsoft, and other high-tech icons. These global companies chose to settle down in Haifa, for the most part, in order to utilize their proximity to the local leading education and research institutions to further their research and development. 

However, during its nights, Haifa changes its skin to a hip and vibrant city where certain neighborhoods fill up with small clubs, cafes, and bars lining the streets, live bands, and graffitied walls. The most popular is the Underground City, ‘Ha-ir Hatachtit’, with edgy crowds and bands. 

Aside from technology and nightlife, Haifa is a cultural center home to museums and ethnic festivals and events. From the Haifa Museum of Art to the Medatech with Science exhibits to the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art as well as the Train Museum and the Israeli National Maritime Museum, these are all to attract tourists but more importantly enhance the life of Haifa’s 280,000 inhabitants. 

Festivals in Haifa

Festivals are another aspect of Haifa’s rich cultural facet. The International Film Festival  (October), The Holiday of All Holidays celebrating diversity (December), The Wall Mural Festival  (October), Haifa’s Summer Festivals of Beer and Wine Tastings (May-August), and others that are scattered throughout the year. They enrich, they educate, they bring people together but most of all they are fun for all ages, all religions, and both locals and visitors. They also allow people practicing a certain religion to experience the customs and traditions of other religions. 

Fortunately, during your Israel summer program, you will get the opportunity to explore Haifa. Start with a Museum visit, continue to the Bahai Gardens, then down to the beach to end your day, or start your night, at one of the bars in Haifa’s alleys. Perhaps you will even get the chance to work at its Industrial Park through the Israel by Design program.

Whatever your choice, enjoy your time and enjoy everything Haifa has to offer.