Top 10 Reasons to Intern in Israel

There is no real reason to convince you to come and experience internships in Israel. You’ve already decided to join this amazing journey abroad. The opportunity to absorb a new culture, travel in new territory, while still working and gaining invaluable professional experience is once in a lifetime. You know this. But just in case you need a little more persuasion or that final nudge for your decision, this is for you:

  • Work and relax. Well, actually – you will work seriously and professionally but your dress code will most likely be relaxed, or easy going. The Israeli culture, more specifically the work culture, allows outfits that are comfortable and aligned with the warm weather. 
  • Israel is a startup ecosystem. The combination of people coming out of elite military units, leading universities and the Israeli ‘chutzpah’ (audacity) created the motivation for people to invent, start companies from scratch, and create teams that follow. 
  • The land. You will focus on work but on your off time, the rest of Israel is at your fingertips. Fortunately, Israel is small. Across the country, you’ll find deserts, seas, coastlines, mountains, even snow at times. Get in a car, a bus or a train and start getting to know the land.
  • Israel’s history. The stories across Israel about its history span across time – the bible, both world wars, immigration during all centuries, its involvement in global issues, and so much more. You won’t have to dig deep, these stores are so intertwined in the current issues you’ll learn about them without too much effort.
  • Exposure to different cultures. When coming to Israel you won’t just but immersed in one culture, you’ll get a 2 for 1 deal, or a one-to-many deal. Israel is comprised of cultures from around the world as people have immigrated here for years. From Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, and recently even the Far East. Less a melting pot but rather a salad bowl, you’ll be able to taste, literally, a bit of everything.
  • Tel Aviv. This city is non-stopping and has it all – amazing food, pristine coastline, vibrant nightlife, cool people, streets full of history, incredible architecture, and lots of fun. Need we say more?
  • A global ticket. Israel’s professional reputation has gained plenty of allies and partnerships globally. Whether it houses branches of leading companies or has representatives around the world working with countries to expand. Working in Israel will allow you to make connections with people that may lead the way to exciting future endeavors.
  • Religion. Whatever you believe and your background, this is a country where you can explore the roots and traditions of different religions originating here. Mosques, Churches, and Synagogues are only a few locations where you can research and learn more.
  • And finally. Hands down. The Beach. We won’t get into details – just put on a swimsuit and come experience it yourself.

Now you can make the leap. It’s set, through Israel Experience with Israel By Design or Masa internships you’ll work, learn, have fun, and immerse yourself in such an experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.