Communications (Advertising/Marketing/PR)

Business Development and Media Manager

Amaizz - Tel Aviv

If you are looking for a significant internship, a chance to be a part of an impactful venture dealing with food security for farmers in the developing world, Amaizz is the place for you. We offer the opportunity to experience a dynamic position, explore Israel and visit its rural areas as part of our pilot and business development process. The intern will be a active participant in the company’s business development and pilot operation. On top of that, he/she will oversee the company’s media activity: update website, build & manage social media platforms and will be responsible of grants & challenges applications.

Internal Communications Associate

Amdocs - Raanana

Main Responsibilities:

  • Communicate organizational initiatives, events, and stories to employees and relevant stakeholders
  • Plan, write, edit, and post content to the staff Intranet and weekly email newsletter
  • Participate in team-wide meetings
  • Work collaboratively on engaging corporate projects and campaigns
  • Develop and implement internal communications strategies alongside managers
  • Draft key messages for target audiences and help curate content for projects
  • Respond to feedback from employees and adjust communication content accordingly in order to maintain the appropriate perception and reputation

Marketing and Public Relations Associate

Kol HaIsha - The Jerusalem Women's Center - Jerusalem

Assistance in PR, marketing, research, grant writing and project reports; work on the internet site and more!

Research and Social Media Fellow | ImaKadima

- Jerusalem

The internship is flexible, as we believe that an organization grows with its employees. In general, we are interested in interns who are dedicated to our cause, want to further research projects, and contribute to ImaKadima in which way they see fit. Sample tasks: researching family friendly workplaces, upkeep of ImaKadima's social media presence.

Inspire Girls in Science

The Knowitalls - Rehovot

Want to learn about the startup world in Israel through events, meetings, and more? Work with an exciting young company that is changing the world and inspiring girls around the globe? You will be doing what all of us do in a small company- Everything! Website and community development, product design, manufacturing, strategy, training others, and playing with a lot of science! You don't need to be a scientist to love unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

-Helping us train educators
-Run workshops

No experience in science is necessary just not be afraid of it.

Communications Associate |Center for Women’s Justice

- Jerusalem

The intern will be involved in the online presence of the organization with tasks including: creating info-graphics, updating social media, research and writing reports

Women’s Empowerment Organization Assistant| The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center

- Haifa

The MCTC provides training and workshops in an array of different topics for hundreds of trainees throughout the developing world. The intern will be involved and participate in the workshops and help throughout the different training sessions.

Community Manager and Event Coordinator

WMN - Tel Aviv

Our internship includes managing our entire community and network, organizing events and workshops, working a bit on social media and doing a lot of business development. If you are a people person, you will do great with us. We are looking for someone with good English skills, who is enthusiastic about the startup ecosystem and can think out of the box.

Production, Styling, Arts and Fashion Assistant | Con Art Magazine

- Tel Aviv

Styling and production assistance on set.
Assisting Creative Director in pre and post production, events
Updating and maintaining documents, drop box, pinterest, scouting for artists for various categories such as beauty, music, art, fashion, mens, tech, and lifestyle.
Graphic design assistance.

Each internship is personalized on an individual basis where experience is had and/or sought as well as the current needs in the business

Marketing Assistant in a Law Firm

Ehrlich & Fenster - Tel Aviv

Marketing and business development assistant including organizing conferences, contacting clients and associates, and assisting in building potential client's data base