Film & Photography

Production Assistant at Independent Film Company | Heymann Brothers Films

- Tel Aviv

This internship is perfect for someone with creative vision and a passion for storytelling. Our intern will be responsible for a wide variety of projects including:

-Contacting various film festivals around the world

- Graphics: designing company catalogs, DVD covers, posters, etc.

-Internet research for funds and/or companies investing in the production of documentary films, especially in the US.

- Content management of the various websites of the company and its films.

Example project: Be involved in research and production for an exciting new project regarding the involvement of Israel and the US in Iran during the 1970s.

Social Media Webmaster |

- Tel Aviv

Interns would participate in
- assistance with the organization web site (writing context in English).
- exploring the field of theater and psychotherapy using art methodologies.
- photography (stills and video).
- facebook/ twitter/ other social media activities

Recruiter and Marketing | Jerusalem Film Workshop

- Tel Aviv

Intern would assist Director of Recruitment with outreach to organizations in North America.

Intern would assist in creating programs that will help create stronger relationships with organizations in North America.

Sales and Production Assistant | Armoza Formats

- Tel Aviv

Interns will be responsible for assisting the sales team in exploring and researching new business opportunities in new markets. Interns will also arrange conferences schedules, and assist production team with various tasks, video archive, translations , website management etc.

Assistant to Film Festival & Overseas Connection Manager and Internet Research | Go2Films

- Jerusalem

Film entry forms and applications for International Film Festivals, building our new mailing lists, uploading new materials to our website, and much more.

Production & Research Assistant | Chaos Films

- Tel Aviv

Researching information for films, assisting on film shoots , archiving and a chance to work in post production.

Gain experience editing any project or trailer for a project that Chaos Films is developing. Promote the company in various ways. Be innovative, get the most out of the Internet and help spread the word about Chaos.

Chaos Films has a lot of projects waiting to be pitched around the world. We need someone to write our presentations, in a casual yet formal manner, to enhance the experience of the viewers. We also need people to help develop scripts for advertising spots or any other production along the way.

Video Activist | Video Activism

- Jerusalem

Interns will take our first and second seminar and are expected to make three videos over the course of three weeks. They are short videos so each should take a week long to make. All editing equipment will be provided.

The first video is a simple two structure video that is basic. The second is to follow the basic story arch structure. The third is a voice over/video blog.

Production Assistant | Tedy Productions

- Tel Aviv

Calling a production assistant with a great deal of prior set experience. Get the chance to work on Israeli TV shows, commercials, music videos, and more!

Advocacy & Marketing | Sderot Media Center

- Sderot, Israel

The International Student Internship Program offers real field work, on the front lines of the media & PR war of the Palestinian-Arab-Israeli conflict. You will receive a firsthand opportunity to correspond & interact with international academics, government officials, students & youth from around the world, and build relationships with local families in Sderot and the kibbutzim area. We guarantee a friendly and welcoming environment to work side-by-side with SMC local staff.

1. Media Advocacy and International Marketing: Promoting SMC's latest documentary "Standing Resilient in Israel", a film sponsored by the US Embassy in Israel.

2. PR & Marketing: Sderot Visitor & Heritage Center. Recognized by the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

3. International Marketing and PR: Promoting SMC's professional guided visits, educational seminars and lectures.

Marketing/PR | Anat Devarim Yafim

- Ramat Gan

Marketing/PR interns will be responsible for creating marketing connections as well as updating website. Intern must be Internet and technology savvy, help with jewelry design, researching market trends, and Photoshop skills are required. Interns will be involved in all areas of the company including reaching out to clients from around the world.