Marketing and Public Relations Associate

Kol HaIsha - The Jerusalem Women's Center - Jerusalem

Assistance in PR, marketing, research, grant writing and project reports; work on the internet site and more!

Resource Development Associate | Israel Women's Network

- Ramat Gan

The position entails working with the Manager of Resource and Development and the Manager of the Data and Research Center.
Editing reports and publications.
Assisting in finding, writing and editing grant applications with American and international foundations and Jewish philanthropies.
Researching women's rights issues and related topics and writing reports, speeches, letters.
Updating and editing English website and email updates.

Research and Social Media Fellow | ImaKadima

- Jerusalem

The internship is flexible, as we believe that an organization grows with its employees. In general, we are interested in interns who are dedicated to our cause, want to further research projects, and contribute to ImaKadima in which way they see fit. Sample tasks: researching family friendly workplaces, upkeep of ImaKadima's social media presence.

Communications Associate |Center for Women’s Justice

- Jerusalem

The intern will be involved in the online presence of the organization with tasks including: creating info-graphics, updating social media, research and writing reports

Women’s Empowerment Organization Assistant| The Golda Meir Mount Carmel International Training Center

- Haifa

The MCTC provides training and workshops in an array of different topics for hundreds of trainees throughout the developing world. The intern will be involved and participate in the workshops and help throughout the different training sessions.

Marketing Associate

Marom Philanthropy & Business Group, Ltd. -

We are looking for people who are passionate about the relationship between nonprofits and those who fund them- philanthropic foundations, businesses, governments and private donors. Research, mapping and contacting foundations, businesses and other relevant partners.

Co-existence and Sustainability Intern | The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

- Jerusalem

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development seeks qualified interns to work closely with our staff in manifesting the organization’s vision. Interns will be involved in a diverse range of assignments and responsibilities, which may include contacting religious institutions from multiple faiths; planning events such as speaking tours or conferences; researching religious sources on environmental issues; supporting fundraising through research of foundations and funding sources; website development and updating; designing, planning, and assessing interfaith environmental events and seminars in Jerusalem and internationally.

Journalist/Story Gatherer, Grant Writer, Creative Media, Youth Outreach or English Tutor | Ethiopian National Project

- Jerusalem

Internship possibilities in a number of departments!

-Journalist/ Story Gatherer: Visit local immigrants and organization run projects and collect stories of the impact being made in the field through these programs. Take what you see and learn and spread the word to the North American Jewish community and global Jewry about this important work, as you experience it first hand. Your stories will published in various media and utilized in Federation reports. Best for talented writers. Double bonus: can be the "right hand person" of an ENP field coordinator, and use opportunity to learn Amharic/help young professionals practice English.

-Creative Media: Write a blog, put together an e-newsletter, keep ENP’s Facebook page and tweet current events, launch virtual fundraising campaigns, explore new technologies and use your know-how to see how ENP can utilize social media to get the word out!

-Grant and Report Writer: Learn the important skill of resource development as you assist ENP in its fundraising efforts.

-Tutors/Teachers: Teach English or other subjects to youth. Or help to improve spoken English skills of young Ethiopian-Israeli professionals.

-Youth Work: Volunteer in Youth Outreach Centers and teach special skills (computers, photography, art, drama, etc—any skills welcome!) to Ethiopian-Israeli teenagers. Teach them skills to help them integrate into Israeli society!

Animal Rescue Assistant | The Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center

- Netanya

If you have a deep love and passion for animals and the environment then this the internship for you! We are looking for a dedicated intern ready to delve into the hands on world of animal rescue and rehabilitation. Your duties will include feeding and bathing the turtles, assisting staff with treating wounds, facility maintenance, some PR work and giving the turtles lots of love and special treatment. (You even learn how to give turtle massages!) You have the opportunity to witness everything from rescues, to mating and nesting season to releasing patients back into the sea. The only qualifications necessary are a deep love for animals and the environment!

Teacher’s assistant working with hearing impared children| MICHA Society for Deaf Children

- Tel Aviv

Seeking personable and outgoing intern to assist at kindergartens and daycare centers throughout the week. The Intern will be working with young children with hearing disabilities, aiding in development of their education, communication and social skills and self confidence. Responsibilities will include interacting with the children and assisting the staff in the classroom as well as on the playground. Basic Hebrew skills required.