Under the Radar Cities to Experience Israel

During your one-of-a-kind internship in Israel, you will most likely work in one of Israel’s major cities: Tel Aviv, Haifa, or Jerusalem. All three are beautiful and rich in culture and activities. Without a doubt, you will enjoy them daily. However, due to Israel’s size, other cities, and towns are close by and are a must to explore. Especially those that are under the radar for tourists and even locals.

Great under the radar cities to experience in Israel:

If you are interning or volunteering in Haifa, perhaps in one of its innovative tech companies in its Industrial Park campus, you are less than 30 minutes away from Nahariya. Nahariya used to be a prime vacation spot for Israeli’s seeking milder weather and avoiding the crowds during the summer months, but it has evolved into a quiet beach town in the Upper Galilee region.  When visiting Nahariya you can explore some, or even all, of the following:

Boutique hotels with beautiful sea views
Quiet and indulgent spas
Culinary secrets of Druze cooking and restaurants
Picturesque cafes right on the water
Beautiful quiet beaches with aquamarine waters

Tel Aviv is quite a happening location. It is a hub of companies, both large and small, both local and global. However, a 15 minute drive lands you in a city that is all about design. Holon, a city with a population of over 200,000 has branded itself as the City of Design in Israel. Although it’s fairly large size in comparison  to other Israeli cities, it has never been a hot-spot for tourists but currently holds forward-thinking design facilities, events, and innovative curriculum. Holon prides itself with these ventures:

The Holon Design Museum: the first of its kind in Israel, is a leading entity of global proportions and a leader of design and innovation.
Israeli Design Week: A week where both individuals and companies in the city have the opportunity to display their design achievements.
The Israeli Cartoon Museum: This museum’s purpose is to promote awareness and understanding of visual creation as a reflection of reality.
Meditech Holon: A multi-cultural facility that boasts a theatre, the central library, the Israeli Cartoon Museum, and the Holon Design Museum.

Although within the city of Jerusalem, this neighborhood is an oasis in the bustling city. While in Jerusalem you should definitely check out Ein Karem. Ein Karem dates back to the 14th century with a rich history for both Christians and Jews. Its picturesque alleys surrounded by lush greenery is a calm sanctuary. Here you can enjoy the day or weekend with:

Innovative and traditional cuisines
A beautiful church overlooking the area
A boutique museum
A small natural fountain
Lots of outdoor cafes

During your Israel By Design journey, you’ll gain so much on the social and professional side but we encourage you to venture out and enrich yourself culturally as well.