Volunteering with IBD

Volunteering is good for you. Period. It’s been proven, it’s been tested, and now all that is left for you is to experience it. Why? You asked, let us explain.

7 reasons to volunteer in Israel

 The bottom line  – it makes you happy – helping others makes you happier.

  • It’s great for your mental health. Focusing on others and taking a time-out from your own problems lifts your mood. 
  • Well, it turns out, volunteering is not only good for your community but it’s good for you too. So, if you’ve got some spare time on your hands, why not give it a go?
  • Volunteering allows you to learn new skills and practice ones you already have. 
  • When you volunteer you are making a positive change in your community, with other people, and making your surroundings a better place. 
  • You meet new people you may have not necessarily met in your own circles. 
  • Even though you are volunteering, you are actually gaining work experience, which will look great on your resume. Many employers count volunteering as work experience. 

 At Israel By Design, during your time in Israel, there are quite a few volunteering possibilities:

 Working with children: You are able to tend to children at a children’s hospital or work with schools and centers for both local and immigrant children. Your fresh outlook and enthusiasm will do good for these kids who can always use a bit more support and more importantly, a new friend.

Farming and Agricultural work: Lending a hand in the field has been part of Israel’s history. This tiny country has become a global expert in the field of agricultural innovation. Today, as in its early years, Israel has always relied on volunteers to help with crops during different farming seasons. Your work here will be invaluable and fun!

Another adrenaline pumping opportunity – Volunteer with Magen David Adom (Israel’s first responder ambulance service – MDA): Being part of this multi-tasking team of lifesavers will expose you to the ins-and-outs of the health industry in Israel and will provide you with a great sense of giving as you help those in need and provide the critical first response services. 

 But don’t let these limit you. These are only a few examples. You can tell us what you are interested in and we will find a great fit for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new or stay in your comfort zone and use your volunteering experience in Israel towards your future goals. Good Luck!