What to do in Israel during the Winter?

So it’s winter and you are in Israel. Although you may be able to squeeze in a handful of beach days, for the most part, the weather is cold and it may even rain. No, we are not talking about freezing temperatures or rain around the clock, but still, alternatives to swimwear and shorts are needed. 

Don’t fret. Luckily Israel with its, for the most part, mild winter is a great place for outdoor activities. Extreme sports, hikes, semi-alpine skiing, and much more. Israel’s winter will keep you busy without freezing your ‘tuchess’ off.

Things to do in Israel in winter:

  • Skiing: Believe it or not you can ski in Israel. On Mt. Hermon, in the northernmost point of the Golan Heights by the town of Metula there is a fully operational ski resort.  It has 45 km of ski slopes, 11 chairlifts, both mild and extreme sledding experiences and a new attraction called Sky Glider. There’s also an equipment shop, rental shop, and cafeteria. On the few days Israel braces for snow, this is a great and unique experience in a country that is mostly about the beach.
  • Surfing: Although surfing is not the first activity that comes to mind during the winter, Israel has the best surfing conditions in the winter, both in terms of waves and wind. Yes, the water is cooler than the lukewarm water we get in the summer but in global terms, it is not really cold, especially compared to Europe. In terms of the wind, the winds are ideal for kitesurfing. Put on a  full-body surf suit, drink lots of hot liquids and get in the water for a rush of adrenaline.
  • Hiking: Summer or Winter Israel is great for hiking but in the winter you avoid the pounding sun or risk of dehydrating. Israel is all about the outdoors – lakes, mountains, valleys, archeological sites, and meadows. Also, Israel’s size allows for short drives between hiking trails making it ideal for day trips.
  • Mountain Climbing: A blood pumping activity to pursue in Israel is Mountain Climbing. It can be done both outdoors, in one of over twenty of Israel’s climbing locations, or indoors, also in one of over twenty walls built inside. Israel even has an organization promoting Mountain Climbing both in Israel and overseas. With Israel’s amazing landscape and views along with its moderate winter, you can easily start climbing while discovering the country

internship with Israel Experience

Your internship with Israel Experience will keep you very busy during the week but over the weekends and holidays when you have a bit of free time, you can drop everything and explore Israel even during the winter. Put on your surf suit and hiking boots, not necessarily at the same time, and explore.