Why living abroad is good for your mind body and soul

It’s no secret that today, to maintain a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle, it’s not only about finding a fulfilling job and working out for a few times a week. There is so much more for you to experience and take in to make you a well rounded, whole, and in-touch person.

Research has shown that living, working, and studying abroad makes you a more creative and mentally agile individual. You learn to be more flexible and are able to solve problems easily.

Why? An evolutionary trait makes us humans crave new experiences. This is well studied and interpreted through MRI tests and analysis – human behavior tends towards seeking the unfamiliar. 

When going abroad, your brain will have to deal with unexpected and exciting new experiences, strengthening your overall mental capabilities. This means the more experiences you have with different cultures and people the faster you can generate creative ideas and jumpstart your brain’s talents. 

Let’s get practical – how can this help you?


Different cultural experiences can help your career.

Globalization has strengthened the ties between countries and cultures. This increases the demand for individuals to be the go-between or liaisons to navigate this new business ecosystem and get a leg-up on the competition. 

When you take the time to move overseas and live among a new culture, you learn, you integrate, and you later bring back home with you with your knowledge an outsider would not have. This is your advantage in the candidate pool. A little knowledge of local traditions and the willingness to experiment will carry you very far.

Success abroad requires engagement and adaptation.

When you live abroad your level of cultural awareness sharpness your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Living abroad forces you to have an open mind. By trying new things, tasting new flavors, eating new foods, and meeting new people from a variety of different cultures.  

Accepting ambiguity helps us understand that there are many solutions for the same problems – it’s all a matter of perspective – previous knowledge and experiences, the things we ‘know’ because that’s the way it’s done in our culture. But living abroad broadens our outlook and gives you a wider perspective and a larger base to draw on when tackling a problem. 


Looking Inward

Your decision to live abroad, aside from the external advantages, does one more thing – it gives you self concept clarity. It allows you to look inward and reflect, not only about what you are experiencing but the changes you are going through personally, mentally and sometimes even physically. Your new ‘open-mindedness’ allows you to accept the mental changes and embrace them. 

 So, just do it, take the plunge, go for it, you can do it, you rock! and a few more taglines. They are not just cliches, they’ll make the difference for you while living like a local in Israel.